10 amazing games that could help scientific research

8. QuestaGame

Just like Pokemon Go, this game will also make you leave the comfort of your home and go to the outside world. The Difference is you can also expand your knowledge in both nature and biodiversity while you play! Photograph any animals that you can find around your neighborhood, score golds, and climb the Leaderboard. All while helping scientists to gather data on the world biodiversity.

7. Mozak

Tracing an intricate design of neurons is a time consuming job. Scientist at the Allen Institute for Brain Science could only trace a neuron per week. Therefore, they developed Mozak, a 3D game about neuron tracing. Anyone in the world with internet access can play it while at the same time also contributes to brain science. Since the game launching in November 2016, about 200 new players join forces with the scientists, significantly speed up the tracing process.

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