10 amazing games that could help scientific research

6. Dizeez

Have some free time on your hand? Why don’t you try playing Dizeez? Being a citizen science game, Dizeez will not only provide a means to kill time, but also to ensure that your precious time isn’t exactly wasted. As a quiz-type game, our objective in Dizeez is to match the disease presented to us with one of the five genes choice provided bellow. Rack up as much score as you can in one minute rounds and be happy knowing that the time you kill playing Dizeez is also used to advance science.

5. Foldit

Armed with a game called Folditgamers all over the world now can help scientists to study protein structure. The game’s main objective is to fold the best protein shape. Fun and competitive, Foldit protein solutions allow the scientists to invent various diseases cures and vaccines, in addition to resolving the world’s myriad waste and pollution problems.

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