10 amazing games that could help scientific research

2. Stall Catchers

Stall Catchers, an online game developed by human computation institute are no ordinary game. In this game, we will be able to see tissue layers of a real mouse brain through a virtual microscope. Our task as players is to find and “catch” stalled blood vessel in the highlighted area of these tissues. By catching these stalls, we will earn our points, levels up, and most importantly; we will also directly contributing to the Alzheimer research at the Cornell University.

1. Cell Slider

As of 2017, there is still no cure for cancer. Meanwhile, in US alone about 600,920 people died of cancer. Is there nothing we can do to fight it? With Cell Slider, I say we can! Our critical mission in this game is to analyze tissue samples donated by former cancer patients and spot any cancerous cells by answering simple questions. By doing this, we could speed up cancer research and save millions of lives in the future!

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