10 Less Traveled To Amazing European Villages

When one talks about traveling Europe, all you hear are the names of places such as London, Paris, Venice, Salzburg, Prague, Rome etc. The traveler is proud to acknowledge 10 enchanting villages from Europe which are unheard of and less visited but travelers but demand your immediate attention for their serene beauty and culture. Drop to these places and unwrap Europe in it’s most raw form.

Giornico, Switzerland

To fully appreciate the place, drive north 35 miles from the popular lake resort towns of Ascona and Locarno and find the turnoff for Giornico, a stone relic of 14th-century Europe hiding off the main road. Descend into the valley and arrive at a trickling little river crossed by two arching stone bridges. The family-run restaurants of the region are called grotte.

Montenegro, Kotor

Montenegro is a small Balkan country with rugged mountains, medieval villages and a narrow strip of beaches along its Adriatic coastline. The Bay of Kotor, resembling a fjord, is dotted with coastal churches and fortified towns such as Kotor and Herceg Novi. Durmitor National Park encompasses limestone peaks, glacial lakes, wildlife such as bears and wolves, and 1,300m-deep Tara River Canyon.

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