10 Ways To Give Your Home A Subtle Luxurious Feel : Interior Design

5. Layer Floor Coverings

In the same vein as the cozy seating, you want your floor coverings to be plentiful as opposed to sparse. Not only will layered floor coverings add an extra layer of padding to underfoot, but they will also help to keep your family’s feet warmer during the dead of winter – which is a luxury worth any price.

If you can, start with a basic layer. Hardwood or a realistic-looking faux option is your best bet. They will coordinate easily with a variety of color schemes and decorating styles and give you a solid foundation on which to build the rest of your décor. If you are a fan of carpeting, you should choose a solid, neutral color and make sure it has a thick layer of padding underneath.

Then, add in your personal style with throw rugs. Oriental designs are a classic choice for those who want to add a luxurious feel. But, whatever style you choose, just make sure to use colors that are already present in your design and sizes that work with the shape of the room.

 6. Add Antique Charm

There’s something about incorporating an antique element into your décor that adds a feeling of grandeur to a room. By choosing one or two antiques to tie a room together you can add a layer of visual interest to the space without it clashing with your more modern aesthetic.

When it comes how you should incorporate your antique, the sky is the limit. Mirrors are a great option since they will add weight and depth to any space. You could also anchor the room with an armchair or vanity. Those who are newer to antiquing and want to start small could look toward a decorative vase or desk lamp.

Looking for antiques is not an exact science. It may take a bit of time to find the perfect piece to fit into your space, but when you find the one, it will be worth the wait. Make searching for your antiques into an enjoyable experience by spending afternoons combing local flea markets and yard sales. Look at everything and think carefully before buying. A little bit of elbow grease will go a long way toward making an antique shine, but make sure its structure will hold up to use.

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