10 Ways To Give Your Home A Subtle Luxurious Feel : Interior Design

7. Embrace Metallic Accessories

No luxurious space would be complete without a certain amount of shine. Decadent gold, demure bronze, and lavish silver can each add a rich touch to your rooms. Pick the one that best fits with your personal style and incorporate it into your accessories for a subtle hint of glamour.

Belfort Furniture cautions against going overboard with metallics. They recommend keeping the pieces simple when possible, using one or two items as a statement piece for the room, and always pairing the metallics with solid hues in order to create a relaxing atmosphere.

With those tips in mind, aim to incorporate metals in things like lighting fixtures, wall hangings, and other décor items. If you’re feeling particularly bold, you could also consider a singular, bigger pop of metal like a sink basin in your bathroom or cooker hood in the kitchen.

 8. Splurge on Finishing Touches

Buckle up for one of the best-kept secrets in interior design: A little bit of luxury will go a long way. Splurge when it comes to your finishing touches and you’ll create a luxurious feel for relatively little expenditure.

When talking about finishing touches, designers are referring to small details that are often overlooked on their own, but when added together, really round off the room. This can be anything from window treatments, to hardware finishes for cabinetry, or even live plants to add a pop of freshness to the space.

Choose one or two of these small touches to really drive home your take on luxury. Replace your facet and drawer-pulls with stainless looks for a modern kitchen. Make your bathroom feel like a spa by springing for hotel-quality towels. Top off your master bathroom with satin sheets and a heavy down comforter.

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