10 Ways To Give Your Home A Subtle Luxurious Feel : Interior Design

9. Put Effort Into Ambiance

Ambiance will go a long way towards influencing the feel of a space. Soft piano music and lit candles will give off a much more romantic feel than harsh overhead lighting coupled with silence. Make sure you are using atmosphere to really drive home the luxurious feel in your space.

When it comes to ambiance, lighting is key. Use lampshades to keep lighting soft and diffused. If your fixture utilizes more than one bulb at a time, consider mixing colors – white and pink work well together to create a subtle hue. If you have overhead lighting in your space, install dimmer switches to allow you to control the brightness.

Beyond lighting, music will help you add a luxe touch to any space. Invest in a solid sound system and thoughtfully place speakers so that sound will be evenly distributed throughout the space. Consider wiring them into the ceiling to keep any unsightly hardware and wires out of sight.

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