12 Amazing Winter Gadgets You Need Right Now

Winter is here, and unless you live in the tropics, you’ll need some high tech cold-weather gear to warm you up, keep you safe, and make your chilly-weather adventures much more fun.

Whether you love exploring the great outdoors or just want to stay warm and toasty at your workplace, these smart winter gadgets will surely help you get through the season in style.

Rechargeable Foot Warmers

Whether skiing, sledding, or planning to capture the Northern lights, foot warmers are a must-have accessory during the cold season. Equipped with a built-in thermostat, the Original Heated Insoles by ThermaCell use the latest in wireless thermal technology to keep your toes toasty whatever winter activity you plan to undertake. Plus, they’re rechargeable, adjustable, and allow you to control the temperature remotely.

Snow-Melting Stair Mat

An excellent winter home gadget, this electric heating mat by HeatTrak melts the snow and ice off your stairs at a rate of 2 inches per hour, preventing potential injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents. Made exclusively for home use, the product only requires a standard 120V electrical outlet and can be left outside for the entire cold season.

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