7 Most Common And Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

You Are Doing All Cardio But Not Enough Weights

Another fault which is also mentioned in the list of weight loss mistakes is that you are doing cardio but not enough weights. According to Williams, she claims that it is a popular mistake which most women are making. Also, she says that is an embarrassing considering the muscle mass is what can help you in burning fat. Furthermore, she adds that cardio can burn the calories; however, it can’t do much in order to build the muscles. In addition, lifting weights can help to keep the metabolism being revived. As a result, you will burn more fats after you have worked out.

Here is the new weight loss mantra for you. Just add some weights to the cardio routine. About two or three days per week, you work in 20 minutes with the help of weight training on the machine. At first, you try doing something with free weight or simply doing the body – weight exercises such as pull – ups, push – ups and crunches. Then you can begin with easier positions such as knees down for the push – ups exercise or you can begin with lighter weights and fewer reps. Finally, you ought to remember to increase your challenge when you become stronger.

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