7 Surreal UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Asia You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Yangdong Folk Village

Situated in the exotic country of South Korea, the Yangdong Folk Village is a reminder of the great Joseon Dynasty. It is located along the gorgeous Hyeongsan River and the majestic Mt. Seolchang standing on the north makes it even more scenic. The village has been preserved by the South Korean government and the numerous cultural assets and traditions of the area are still intact. This has led to it being a major tourist attraction.

Where is it: Gyeongju, South Korea

Why visit: It is the quintessential epitome of the Yangban (Korean aristocracy) lifestyle and Neo-Confucian traditions.

How to reach: You can fly down to Gyeongju from most South Korean cities. From there, you can board frequent public buses all the way till Yangdong; the journey takes around an hour.

Became a heritage site in: 2010