7 Surreal UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Asia You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Sinharaja Rain Forest

This mammoth national park in Sri Lanka is a virgin rainforest courtesy of its inaccessibility, and the name literally translates to “Lion Kingdom”. Although not as big as the Nha Ke Bang National Park mentioned above, Sinharaja is a treasure trove of several endangered species of trees, reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds and mammals. There are elephants, leopards, purple-faced langurs, orange-billed babblers, red-faced malkohas, green-billed coucals, blue magpies, vipers, and other species, living naturally in the dense forest. It is actually a sight to behold.

Where is it: Sabaragamuwa and Southern Provinces, Sri Lanka

Why visit: It is a natural habitat of several endemic species of flora and fauna

How to reach: Reach Deniyaya from any of Sri Lanka’s major cities, and then take a public transport or a cab from Deniyaya till the park.

Became a heritage site in: 1988