8 Amazing Mind-Blowing Sculptures Made From Fruit

As long as human beings have been on the planet, they have expressed their ideas through art. Whether it is cave paintings, sculptures or more esoteric forms, art has been a constant in our world.

Most of us know about the traditional mediums used in art such as canvas, marble etc but there are more platforms for unleashing your creativity than you think. Fruit carving is an intricate and beautiful form of art where talented people sculpt forms and figures from fruits.

Due to the insane variety of colors and texture available, they are a dream canvas for artists worldwide. When you think of fruit carving, certain images of ornate sculptures may come into your mind but in reality, some of these works will astonish you.

From iconic villains to animation characters and even hyper realistic portraits, there seems to be nothing that is impossible for these highly creative artists. Here are some of the craziest fruit carvings that will blow your mind.

Jaws X – The attack of the melon shark

When Jaws came out, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world stopped swimming in the ocean. Hell! The bathroom itself became a nightmarish place to go to. Where there is water, there might be a great white after all. It took decades and several bad movies to finally get rid of the terror that lurks in the waters of our mind.

But now someone has done it again. Only this time, people might stop buying fruits.

Clive Cooper is an insanely talented artist who just couldn’t help himself when he created the terrifying but stunning watermelon based shark carving. The sheer size and rage he managed to capture on his melon sculpture has to be applauded. Sigh! Just when I started to enjoy watermelons!

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