8 Weird United States Driving Laws

Make Sure Your Pet Doesn’t Molest Any Vehicles in Kentucky

Yes, we’re using the formal, legal version of “molest,” which isn’t sexual, but instead means to pester or harass, but either way it seems strange that Fort Thomas, Kentucky feels it necessary to outlaw pets from molesting passing vehicles. I guess they had a problem with too many dogs chasing cars, but pets don’t generally care if there are laws banning what they want to do.

Don’t Let Your Dog to Ride on the Roof of Your Car in Alaska

I guess Mitt Romney wouldn’t be able to take any family vacations there since he seems to think man’s best friend belongs on the roof of a car, but for the rest of us, this Anchorage, Alaska law should be common sense. To be fair, the law was written to ban people carrying their dogs loose in the back of trucks where the pup might get hurt, but in practice, it also prevents dogs from riding on car roofs as well.

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