Amazing Uses For Toothpaste That You Never Thought Of

Clean chrome silver and brass –  Instead of bathroom or glass cleaner put toothpaste on an old toothbrush or soft rag, scrub and rinse. It will make your chrome fixtures shine and old toothbrushes are great for getting in the cracks and crevices of your faucets.

For silver and brass use a soft toothbrush to apply a small amount of toothpaste and  scrub lightly.  If any toothpaste remains in small decorative designs on your silver clean your toothbrush thoroughly and brush the item under cool water to get rid of any white paste. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and polish with a dry, soft cloth.

Clean your refrigerator seal
Toothbrushes are the perfect size for cleaning refrigerator seals and toothpaste is perfect for whitening those seals. In other words, altogether a perfect combo.

Remove scuff marks from shoes and clean your sneakers – A small amount of toothpaste will keep your leather shoes looking great! Squirt a small amount on a soft cloth and rub to remove any scuff marks. Just in case you are wondering this will also work on vinyl floors!

For the white rubber part of your favorite pair of sneakers take an old brush and toothpaste and scrub clean. This is one time you can use whitening paste for a brighter clean.