Best Bicep Exercises For Strength And Mass Bodybuilding

2. Cross Body Hammer Curl

This is one of the best biceps exercises for mass because it can simultaneously work your biceps and your forearms muscles. Any beginners with two dumbbells can totally do this workout.

How to perform this exercise:

– Stand straight and tall, holding a dumbbell in each of your hands. You should keep both of your hands down and close to your sides with both palms facing in.

– While you are trying to keep the palms facing in and not twisting the arms, start curling the weight in your right arm up to the left shoulder while you are breathing out. Touch your shoulder with the top of the weight. Hold this contracted position for a moment.

– Slowly bring the weight down on the same path while breathing in. After that, do the same steps for your left arm.

– Continue to switch between your arms until you finish all the recommended reps.

Variations: This exercise can also be performed between 2 pulleys, holding the end of a rope attachment on each of your hands.

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