Best Bicep Exercises For Strength And Mass Bodybuilding

3. Concentration Curls

Like the previous exercise, this workout also targets both your biceps and forearms muscles. All that you will need is a dumbbell then even a beginner can do this exercise.

How to perform this exercise:

– Find a flat bench that you are going to use and sit on it. Hold a dumbbell in front of your body and between your legs. Remember to keep your legs away from each other and bend your knees as well as place your feet flat on the ground.

– Pick up the weight using the right arm. Put the back of the right upper arm onto the inner right thigh’ top. Start rotating your palm until it is facing forward as well as away from your thigh.

A little tip for you: It is necessary to fully extend your arm and keep the weight above the ground. This is your starting position.

– While you are trying to keep your upper arm still, start curling the dumbbell forward as you engage your biceps while breathing out. At this point, your forearms are the only things that should be allowed to move. Continue to perform this movement until you have fully engaged your biceps and the weight is at shoulder height.

A little tip for you: at the top of this movement, remember to keep the little fingers of your arm higher than your thumb. This will ensure a perfect contraction. Hold this position still for a moment while you are engaging your biceps.

– Slowly start to lower the weights to get them back to the starting position while breathing in. Remember to always avoid any swinging movements.

– Keep following these steps until you finish all the recommended reps. After that, start to switch to your left arm.

Variations: You can also perform this exercise while standing and keeping your torso bent forward with your arm in front of your body. Remember that while performing it this way, you are not using any leg support for the back of your arm. Therefore, it is necessary to make some extra effort in order to make sure that your upper arm is not moving. This exercise is more challenging and is not recommended for those who are suffering from back pains.

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