Best Bicep Exercises For Strength And Mass Bodybuilding

5. Flexor Incline Dumbbell Curls

This is one of the best bicep exercises because it is also a strength training workout. You will need two dumbbells in order to properly do this exercise.

How to perform this exercise:

– Hold the weight towards the side which is further away from you, providing more weight on the side which is the closest to you. Next, perform a normal incline dumbbell curl. However, try to keep the wrists away as far as you can in order to neutralize any pressure that is put on them.

– Find an incline bench that you are going to use and sit on it at a 45 degrees angle. Hold a dumbbell on each of your hands.

– Let the arms straight down on both of your sides. Keep your elbows in and the palms of your hands forward as well as your thumbs pointed away from you.

A little tip for you: You will need to maintain this hand position during the movement. Try not to twist your hands while they are coming up. This is your starting position.

– Curl up both weights simultaneously until you have fully engaged your biceps while breathing out. A little tip for you: Try not to let your arms swing or use momentum. Always try to control the motion. Hold this position for a moment while you are at the top of the movement.

– While breathing in, slowly get back to the starting position.

– Keep following these steps until you finish all the recommended reps.

Caution: In order to prevent any unexpected injuries, it is necessary to avoid fully extending your both arms as you can hyperextend them. Moreover, always remember to move slowly while coming down.

Variations: Cables can be used while performing this exercise.

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