Best Forearm Exercises For Mass Bodybuilding

Farmer’s Walk

What makes this exercise one of the best forearm exercises is that it helps you focus on not only your forearms but also your glutes, lower back, abdominals, hamstrings, traps and quadriceps muscles, giving you a chance to work your entire body. However, do not attempt to try this workout unless you have reached the intermediate level.

How to perform this exercise:

  • There are many implements that you can use in order to perform this exercise. However, if there are no implements available at your place, short bars or heavy dumbbells can also be used. Get started by standing between the dumbbells.

  • Use both of your hands to grip the handles of the dumbbells and lift them off the ground by driving through the heels of your feet. Always remember to maintain a straight back and keep your head high.
  • Start to walk with short and quick steps while breathing normally. Move for an aimed distance as fast as you can.
  • Keep following these steps until you have finished all the recommended reps.

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