How to build more muscle mass fast – top 6 exercises at the gym

4. Straight Leg Deadlift

What you are doing wrong: while bending over, your back is rounded.

How to correct your form:

– Cosgrove says that in order to bring the weight down, you should imagine that you are having a board of plates in your hands and you have to use your butt to shut the door behind you. By doing this, when you bend over, you will bring your hips backwards, not curving your back.

– Try to “shave your legs” with the bar, Weiss says. The reason of doing this is because the further your bar is away from you, the more strain is put on your back. This will increase the risks of getting injured and lower the concentration on your glutes.

– According to Nick Grantham, you should try to engage your butt while lifting the bar. By doing this, you can make sure that your glutes muscles are engaged. You will be able to create more strength, lift heavier weights and get better outcomes.

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