How to build more muscle mass fast – top 6 exercises at the gym

6. Military Press

If you want to improve and build more shoulders muscle, this is definitely the one that you are looking for. Before performing this exercise, it is necessary to go straight ahead then do a pump. Many people have been doing this exercise by placing the weight behind their heads instead of putting it in front of their faces. The reason of this is because doing so will provide more pressure on your shoulders. However, how you do this depends on what you want, it does not really matter.

By performing military press, you will soon achieve those wide as well as thick and manly shoulders. However, it is not that easy to achieve since you have to make sure that you put your elbows back during the exercise if you choose to put the weight behind your head. You do not want your forearms to be at a weird angle to the bar while lowering the weight to your neck then push it back up. Your forearms are supposed to be exactly perpendicular with the bar. You may have known about the bend press move. Therefore, you need to use the width that was required in that exercise. However, in case you have a somewhat narrow grip for that move, it is crucial to go a tad bit wider with this move.

During this exercise, it is importation to be mindful of your lower back as well as butt’s position. Many people have the tendency to deviate from the recommended direction while performing military press. Therefore, you need to assure that you constantly keep your butt as well as lower back pressed against, not deviated from, the back of the seat.

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