How To Travel Europe On A Budget – 10 Practical Tips

Use car-sharing services

Both BlaBlaCar and work well throughout most European countries. They’re both services wherein travelers driving between destinations with extra seats in their car open it up for you to bid. While these services are available across the globe, Europe is where it works best. The prices are extremely competent and we’ve always heard of positive things about this from fellow travellers. While we travelled between Granada to Sevilla in a high-speed train, our roomies in Sevilla had car pooled. Not only did they reach in the same time but also traveled with a local who was kind enough to stop at important points on the route. Most importantly, they paid 75% less than what we did for our train!

Use FlixBus instead of Eurail

While Eurail is definitely worth all the hype, there are other ways to travel around Europe on a budget. FlixBus is a low-cost bus travel service that runs throughout the continent. It covers an expansive network of 1000 destinations across 20 countries. Though the costs are low, there is absolutely no compromise on the quality. The seats are excellent, buses are volvo-class, there’s free WiFi on board, and you are allowed to carry as many as 3 pieces of luggage on board.

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