How To Travel Europe On A Budget – 10 Practical Tips

Free Walking Tours

Every single major city in the world has a free walking tour service offered by one or the other operator. A free walking tour is a group walking tour around some of the important places in the city that convenes at a particular time in a part of the city. Anyone is free to turn up at that time and you’ll go walking around with the guide who’ll tell you things about the city you’d probably not know otherwise. The reason it is free is multi-fold. One, it gives them a good opportunity to market some of their higher-value paid tours to you and two, it gives the guides an opportunity to make extra bucks as tips. At the end of the tour, tip your guide if you did enjoy the tour or choose not to if you did not. No one is going to judge you for it. Just do a quick online search of ‘free walking tour in ____’ and you’ll get plenty of results!

All-Inclusive City Cards

Every major European city offers a “city card” for tourists. It usually covers entry to multiple sites, travel on local city metro among others. If you’re someone who enjoys going around the popular monuments and spots in each city, definitely buy yourself a city card as it may save you big bucks. But, it is important to research the card before hand as there are good chances you’ll overspend on the city pass by not utilising it fully. Even if you decide against city cards, definitely consider 1 day transport passes in the city – it is extremely critical in traveling Europe on a budget. This usually allows unlimited trips on the metros, subways, local buses for a particular day. In Madrid, a 10 Euro pass gave us multiple metro trips and we saved as much as 12 Euros a day just by taking the day pass.

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