How To Travel Europe On A Budget – 10 Practical Tips

Eat on the streets

No matter where in Europe you are, a classic sit-down meal in a restaurant will set you back a hefty amount. Yes, it will be quite heavy in Paris compared to Lisbon but it’ll all be costly nonetheless. Barring an occasional meal to satisfy your luxury cravings, stray away from restaurants if you intend to see Europe on a budget. Every city in Europe offers plenty of ‘street food’ or ‘finger food’ to fill your palate. Unlike Asia, these eateries are all governed by strict hygiene laws and cook up excellent dishes. They’re usually extremely filling as well. In Greece, a Gyros will cost you only 1.5 Euros but will leave your stomach bursting. In Spain, a bacalao will cost you only 3 Euros as opposed to a plate of paella that might set you back by 7-8 Euros. Wherever you go, research and understand what do the locals eat as a roadside snack and your dream of traveling across Europe on a budget will take a turn for the better!

Take night trains/ buses

A quick search on Rome2Rio will give you a huge list of ways in which to travel from point A to point B. They not only tell you the cheapest option but also throw up options of night journeys that will save you a night of accommodation too. The only reason we often skip it is that the check-in time in the next destination is often 2 PM, leaving us waiting for 6+ hours without a room. Sometimes, we trade comfort for money. But, if you’re on a tight budget, you could easily while away those hours sipping on a cup of coffee in a WiFI cafe. Seat61’s advice on taking night trains is quite handy!

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