Latest 7 light and fast Android Go apps you can for Free download and Services


Gmail Go

The regular Gmail app is about 22MB in size, whereas the stripped down Gmail Go ( version weighs just 10MB. And despite the fact that it is smaller in size, the app comes with support for swipe gestures, new email notifications, ability to add multiple accounts and more, just like the regular app.

Maps Go

The regular Google Maps app is about 30MB in size, and takes about 90MB after installation. Maps Go (, on the other hand, is just 200Kb in size and includes features such as directions, public transport, real-time traffic updates and information about local businesses.

But since it is a stripped down version, there are a few things missing in the Go version. To begin with, it does not come with offline maps support. Secondly, there is no support for voice-guided navigation either. It is more like a Progressive Web App (PWA) that runs inside Chrome browser, so you won’t be able to set home and work address, or share real-time location.

YouTube Go

YouTube is one of the go to destinations for watching music videos or even playing your favorite songs. But the app can be a bit demanding and data-hungry if you are streaming videos high-quality videos. The YouTube Go app ( is just 10MB in size, and lets you browse all the videos as on the regular app.

One of the key highlights of the app is that it lets you download videos or offline viewing, and also share with your friends without using any data. In terms of missing features, it does not offer an option to subscribe to a page or like videos.

Files Go

Lastly, a file manager is a must for any phone. It lets you sort and move files, create and delete folders. The Files Go app ( from Google is just 9MB in size, and it lets you clear cache and delete unwanted and unused files, thus creating more space. What’s more, it also lets you quickly send or receive files among other Android users who are using Files Go app. As the transfer takes place using Wi-Fi direct, you can easily transfer large files such as music videos and movies within seconds.

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