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Normally $0.99.

Puzzle mode in 2D:
– Collect all pixels.
– Find goal.
– You have 100 seconds.

Endless Mode in 3D:
– Collect pixels for more time.
– Find goal.
– You have 100 seconds.

Key Features:
– Multi-Fingered Exercises
– Mesmerising Soundtrack
– Arcade Sound Effects
– Rage Against Time
– Stumping Puzzles
– Retro Style
– 37 Levels
– Multiple Colours
– Pixels
– Endless (mindless) game mode
– 2D and 3D game modes
– No advertisements
– No in-application purchases

– This was a competition entry at Assembly Summer 2017 computer festival.
– 10th place in Game Development combo.

Download PixelMaze

Turbo Wheels

Normally $0.99.

Get ready for a winners race, because the second place is the first loser!

Turbo Wheels is the most exciting mini cars racing game where you don’t need brakes, they just slow you down.

Choose your favourite car, they are plenty and fully upgradeable, each with their own unique handling and style!


* 25 unique mini cars in five different categories (Sport, SS, GT, Formula & Classic)
* 4 different countries (Brazil, Japan, Canada & UAE)
* Over unique 16 tracks
* 4 different race modes (Race, Time, Coins & 1 vs 1)
* Race against the opponent car 1 vs 1 to unlock his car
* Hours and days of exciting gameplay

Turbo Wheels is a graphically intensive 3D game, and although it runs well on many devices, we recommend iPad 3 & higher, iPad Mini 2 & higher, iPhone 5 & higher.

Download Turbo Wheels

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