The Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in the World

The Nanpu Bridge, China – 8,346m

This bridge in Shanghai, China and it is the first bridge to cross the Huangpu River and links central Shanghai with the Pudong District. It is most popular because of the way it spirals up into the sky before crossing the river. It has been a major contribution to helping the Pudong District grow. It is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists, even more so at night. Construction of this bridge was finished on June 20, 1991 in total length: 8,346 m.

The Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong – 2,160m

Hong Kong, China is where you will find the largest suspension bridge with two decks. It carries both road and rail traffic. It is unique because it features sheltered carriageways on the lower deck so that very strong winds tend to be too much for vehicles to safely handle otherwise. It was opened in 1997 after a lot of wind tunnel testing to ensure it was able to withstand typhoons.