The Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in the World

The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Japan – 3,911 m

This bridge is also known as the Pearl Bridge and it currently holds the title of being the longest suspension bridge. It spans 6,532 feet and connects Kobe and Iwaya over the Akashi Straight in Japan. It took nearly 12 years to complete and first opened in 1998. It was originally supposed to be slightly smaller, but it had to be redesigned after an earthquake in 1995 increased the distance between the two land masses.

The Tower Bridge, England – 244m

The Tower Bridge is both a bascule and a suspension bridge. It is located in London and crosses the River Thames. It got it name due to its proximity to the Tower of London and has become an iconic symbol of London. It took eight years to build and construction began in 1886. It has two towers that are connected by two walkways and it is designed to withstand the force of the suspended sections.