The Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in the World

The Brooklyn Bridge, United States – 1,825m

Cable-stayed bridge in New York City, New York, USA. This bridge was finished and opened in 1883 and connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. It spans the East River. When it was first built, it held the title of longest suspension bridge and it held this title for several years. It has a pedestrian walkway that is open to both walkers and cyclists.

The Golden Gate Bridge, United States – 2,737m

This suspension bridge spans the Golden Gate. It is the straight between San Francisco and Marin County. It was the creation of Joseph B. Strauss, an architect and his statue is on the southern observation deck. The bridge took seven years to complete and opened in 1937. When built it was the biggest suspension bridges because of its lenth and today it is perhaps San Francisco’s most popular tourist attractions. It is also famous because of its reddish-orange coloring which was chosen so that it would be visible even through the thick fog which often shrouds it.Whether you like crossing bridges or not, there is no way for anyone to deny that the top 10 most famous bridges that the world has seenare truly worthy of a visit. Are you ready to see these amazing man-made creations?