The world’s most amazing natural phenomenon that attract tourists every year

#8 Fajada Butte, USA: The Sun Dagger

In 1977 when researcher Anna Sofaer visited what is now the state of New Mexico in the Southwestern part of USA to explore rock art, she would not be able to think what was in store for her. While exploring the area known as Chaco Canyon, she witnessed three stone slabs leaning against the cliff and a couple of spiral petroglyphs. Suspecting the rock arrangements she returned to the site at different times throughout the year.

What she observed was astonishing! On the summer solstice, a single silver of sunlight- which she dubbed as the ‘sun dagger’ appeared near the top of the larger spiral “slicing” its way down to the center, thereby cutting the spiral in half. Again on winter solstice, two daggers of light appeared for about an hour, during which they exactly framed the large spiral. Although the purpose of such a light show is not clear, but it surely points to the awareness of and appreciation for the sun the indigenous people living in the historic times had.

#7- Christmas Island Crab migration

Most species have to migrate to breed and to protect themselves from the extreme weathers. That is exactly what the Christmas Island Red crabs do. The little critters make their way from the forest to the coast to lay eggs (Millions of them!). It is the beginning of the wet season which stimulates their annual migration. Actually it’s the different phases of the moon which affect their timing. The females release their eggs at the turn of the high tide during the last quarter of the moon.

What is so sensational about this migration is its visual treat. It looks as if the island has been covered by a red carpet and is one of the sceneries of the year. It is so incredible that thousands of people visit the island to view the phenomenon. The bright display of such wonder force most of the roads on the island to be closed. These crabs are protected by law as the visitors are requested to walk on foot rather than use vehicles.

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