The world’s most amazing natural phenomenon that attract tourists every year

#2- The blooming of Tisza, Hungary

Near the Tisza river in Hungary and Serbia, people have to deal with a swarm of small insects every year. The Palingenia longicauda also known as the Tisza mayfly, have a strange life during which they remain underground as larvae for 3 years. After fully maturing, these small insects surface ready to mate. But here is the strange thing-they have only three hours to do so before they die. This unique nature’s phenomenon attracts hundreds of visitors every June to banks of the river.

After three years of slumber, the Tisza mayflies are ready to create the next generation of larvae and then succumb to their deaths. Due to synchronized hatching, all mayflies emerge at once, mating and plaguing the surrounding towns by forming a dense cloud. The air gets so thick with insects that it almost looks like snowfall.

#1- Wisteria Tunnel, Japan: The flower tunnel

It is virtually impossible to walk through the Wisteria tunnel at the Kawachi Fuji gardens without remembering those fairytales and stories of princesses riding on horse walking alongside us. The pastel colored passageway is truly a fairytale setting, a place one would never want to leave. The enchanting tunnel which explodes with color is due to the flowering Japanese wisteria (also known as Fuji in Japan) which hang overhead. As a result the mixture of different colors makes it an amazing place to walk through.

The main features include wisteria vines planted over a 110 meter long tunnel, two domes and a large trellis the size of several tennis courts. A member of the pea family, wisteria is an ornamental vine, wildly popular for its hanging flowers and winding branches. The best time to visit the tunnel is from late April to mid-May. Visiting the place at other times may lead to the disappointment of disheartening mass of lifeless, twisted branches.

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