These 14 Instagram-Perfect Places in Europe Will Get Under Your Skin

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Enjoying a stunning setting on the Adriatic coast, it’s no wonder this UNESCO-protected Croatian city has made people call it in so many ways. “Pearl of the Adriatic”, “The City of Red Rooftops” or “Heaven on Earth” (Bernard Shaw) are just a few, but they are not enough to describe the prettiness of Dubrovnik.

This, my friends, is more than just a page of history, or the venue where the sea kisses a citadel, it’s actually all these together skillfully combined, heading somewhere towards perfection.

Dubrovnik’s charming, pedestrian-only Old Town is a sophisticated enclave of white limestone streets lined with aristocratic palazzi and elegant Baroque churches, and a walk along its ancient stone ramparts reveals awe-inspiring views of the most brilliant blue sea.

The city’s old and new treasures are sure to appeal to anyone, from history lovers and culture devotees to beach bums, hopelessly romantics, and Game of Thrones fans.

Menorca, Spain

Though smaller than Mallorca and less popular than Ibiza and Formentera, Menorca is no doubt one of the most seducing islands of Spain’s sunny Balearic archipelago. Its beautiful virgin beaches and perfect sandy coves lapped by shimmering turquoise seas, along with a blissfully unspoiled countryside scattered with green rolling hills and Talaiotic monuments dating back thousands of years, led UNESCO to declare it a Biosphere Reserve ever since 1993.

Even today, when its neighbors are being overtaken by tourism, Menorca, which has a strong personality and a uniqueness all of its own, remains delightfully idyllic, serene, and authentic. And, with so many scenic coastal paths, delicious waterside restaurants, and charming hotels rurals to choose from, a vacation here feels almost therapeutic.