Top 10 Amazing Things To Do In Tokyo : Japan

Golden Gai

“Golden Gai is a small area of tightly packed tiny bars located behind the Best Western in Shinjuku. This area is popular among actors, directors, writers, and artists, but not all bars are open to tourists – look for signs in English as an indication of a foreigner friendly locale. The narrow lanes and two-storey buildings remain a piece of Tokyo’s past. Golden Gai transitioned from post-WWII black market to brothels and finally to bars when prostitution became illegal in the late 1950s. The area has remained largely unchanged and is a reminder of what the streets of Tokyo were once like

Yurikamome Line

There is an old saying that life is not about the destination, but the journey. When it comes to a transportation system as unique and scenic as the Yurikamome, that saying has never been truer. The Yurikamome Line is a high speed rail in Tokyo and it is the first Tokyo transit line that is completely automated, running solely using computers. The technical name of the Yurikamome line is the “New Transit Yurikamome.” It is also owned and operated by Yurikamome Line, Inc., and it is the primary form of income for the company.

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